Suitable climate for the cultivation of pea crop
Suitable climate for the cultivation of pea crop

Legumes are very useful for maintaining fertility of the soil in which peas, French bean and cowpea are grown mainly.

Cool and moderate temperature are helpful in good growth of pea crop throughout its life.

The temperature about 22°c is best for its germination. The minimum temperature should be 5°c and maximum 22°c for seed deposition.

Higher temperature cause more damage to crops than frost. Frost causes more damage during flowering and fruiting. Lack of moisture in the flowering stage causes heavy damage to the pea crop.

The average temperature about 13°c favourable for the development of peas. Well-drained loam soil is best its cultivation

Outbreak of diseases occur very rapidly in extreme humidity. Hence special caution is required. The soil having ph value between 6-7.5 is better for pea cultivation.

Sandy loam is preferable soil for its cultivation. There should be no water logging in the fields. Legume crops are also a good source of protein, phosphorus & iron.

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