Suitable climate & transplanting time for Banana
Suitable climate & transplanting time for Banana

It is a sub-tropical plant. It can be grown easily in more rainy areas. It can also be grown in hot and moist climate. 15˚C to 40˚C temperature & 180-200 cm rain is best for its development.

Banana crop is necessary to escape from hot wind & frost because crop get more loss from it. 70-80% RH is suitable for its cultivation. In summer, banana is transplanted from mid-june to mid-July while in winter, from September to October.

Do not transplant the plant at more depth, it should be done at 1.5×1.5 meter distance. Seedling is used at the time of transplantation & it should be sword type in shape.

Seedling should be 2-3 years old. If we do the plantation with tissue culture technique then fruit and flower formation occurs soon from it and quality becomes good.

There is no outbreak of pest and insect on those plants which are transplanted by tissue culture method. There is a good effect on crop growth from the transplanting on the basis of soil fertility.

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