Suitable time to cultivate cucumber
Suitable time to cultivate cucumber

If you are also going to cultivate cucumber, then know that temperature of about 25-30°c is suitable for the growth of cucumber's climber.

The effect of frost on cucurbitaceous vegetables is very high.

Fertile loam soil with good water drainage system is suitable for all cucurbitaceous crops.

Cucumber is cultivated in both summer and rainy seasons.

For summer season, February-March months are suitable and for rainy season, June-July months are suitable for its cultivation.

Since seeds do not germinate at temperature below 20°c. Hence instead of direct sowing, seeds can be sown in the plastic bags.

The bags should be covered with polythene at night to keep the atmosphere warm. Transplant the seedlings in the field at appropriate temperature.

Cucumber seedlings are ready to be transplanted in 21-22 days.

To sow seeds directly in the field, seeds should be soaked in water for 24 hours before sowing then tie it in sackcloth and keep it for 24 hours.
Keeping at suitable temperature, speeds up the germination process of the seeds. After this, the seeds can be sown in the field.

This increases the germination percentage.

Sowing of cucurbitaceous vegetables should be done by making drains.

For this, make drains of about 20-25 cm deep & 40-50 cm wide & sowing the seed at one side of the drain.

If the width of the drains is increased, sowing can be done on both sides.

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