Tips for successful vegetable production
Tips for successful vegetable production

Varieties should be selected according to the season and climate. Purchase high quality and improved varieties seed from a certified institute.

Use rotten manure of cow dung, mix it well in the field 20-22 days before preparation of field.

Seed should always be sown after treatment. The seed should be sown in the bed and at proper depth.

The nursery should be protected by shady net from strong sunlight and rain and do not apply water in the nursery during strong sunlight.

Light irrigation should be given before field preparation because the soil should have enough moisture while transplanting or sowing of seeds and light irrigation must be done immediately after transplanting.
Before transplanting, make sure to prune the weak plants & transplant healthy plants only.

Transplanting work is done in the evening in summer and rainy season whereas during the winter season it can be done during day time also.

Use caution when using chemicals like spraying with wearing gloves.

Make chemical solution in plastic utensils. Try to minimize the use of chemicals and adopt organic options.