Water management in Mustard crop
Water management in Mustard crop

Mustard has a prominent place in oilseed crops in India in terms of area and production.

India is the fourth largest producer of oilseed crops in the world after America, China and Brazil.

Mustard is the major oilseed crop of Rabi season. Mustard crop requires approximately 400 mm of water.

For irrigated mustard crop, two irrigations are sufficient. First irrigation should be done after 35-40 days of sowing (while flower formation).

Therefore, if there is no rain in winter, second irrigation should be done after 75-80 days of sowing (while pod formation) otherwise filling of the grains in the pods is not done properly.

Mustard crop is very sensitive at these two stages (flowering and grain formation), so irrigation is necessary at these stages.

And this crop should also have a good water drainage system because it is very sensitive to water logging condition.

Lightly irrigate the crop at this stage. Due to excessive irrigation, there is a possibility of plant fall. If mustard is taken as mixed crop but still it should be irrigated as a main crop

It is important for the farmers to take care not to irrigate while running strong wind.

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