What are the factors responsible for Fruit rot disease in chilli?
What are the factors responsible for Fruit rot disease in chilli?

Disease - Fruit rot

Causal organism - Colletotrichum capsici

Symptoms & Damage - This is a widespread disease of chilli which is caused by fungus.

The twigs of the plants affected by this disease dry up from top to bottom, the fruits start rotting & the plants remain dwarf.

This disease occurs on fruits during ripening stage. During ripening of fruits, small black and round spots appear on them, these spots increase in the length of the fruit. Later their color turns gray & in the final stage, the fruits turn black and fall down.

Symptoms of the disease are also visible on ripe fruits.

When the infection is in severe condition, it results in the shrivelling & drying of fruits.

Continuous rainfall at an interval of time & temperature of about 28॰C & humid weather are also favourable conditions for spreading of fruit rot disease.

Integrated Management - The field should be kept free from weeds. Diseased branches and affected fruits should be collected and destroyed.

Use disease-free seeds & treat the seeds with Thiram or Captan 4g/kg before sowing are necessary.

Control - Protect the crop by spraying 250 ml Folicur or 750 g Indofil M 45 or Blitox in 250 litres of water per acre after weather clears up.

Author: Gopal Bhardwaj
Specialist in Horticulture