What are the things to keep in mind while storing?
What are the things to keep in mind while storing?

After harvesting of crops, the most important work is the storage of grains. For safe storage of grains, scientific method should be adopted so that grains can be protected from rats, insects, moisture, fungus etc. for a long time.
Due to lack of proper knowledge of storage, 10 to 15 percent grains are destroyed by moisture, termites, mites & bacteria.

So, while storing grain in the storage, there are some things to keep in mind while storing -

To keep the grain at storage, clean the warehouse and take out the termites and old residues etc. and destroy them. 

If there are cracks in the walls, floor and ground etc., then close them with cement, brick. Get the broken walls etc. repaired.

The grains should be thoroughly cleaned and dried in the sun as long as the grains are not more than 10 percent moisture.

Due to excess moisture in the grain, the attack of fungi and insects is more.

After drying the grain, if you break the grain by your teeth then a sound is produced, then you should understand that the grain has dried up for storage.

After this, the grains should be stored only after cooling the grain in the shade.

Neem leaves should be dry while using neem leaves in grain storage. For this, neem leaves should be dried in the shade 15 days before storage.

Spray with Melathion 50 EC solution 10 ml/liter water in storage is also necessary.