What should be the climate for litchi cultivation?
What should be the climate for litchi cultivation?

Litchi is one of the subtropical evergreen fruit grown in India. India is second largest producer of litchi next to China.

Litchi is good source of Vitamin c, calcium, protein & phosphorus.

Some important varieties of Litchi - Muzaffarpur, Seedless late, Purbi, Rose scented, Ellaichi etc.

Temperature about 25-35 °c suitable for its cultivation. After the monsoon, planting can be done between July to September as per your convenience.

Well drained loamy soil, rich in organic matter & having pH in the range of 5-7 is ideal for its cultivation.

Dry summer and light winter is most favourable for its fruit growth. Litchi cannot tolerate frost during winter & also dry heat during summer.

The temperature should not be more than 40 °c in summer and below freezing point in winter.

For good yield of litchi, ploughing the field in the month of March-April then it should be left for 10-15 days.

After this, the field should be dug at a distance of 8-10 m by 1.0 × 1.0 × 1.0 m in dimension in square system. Then pit should be filled with about 25 kg well decomposed compost, 2 kg of bone meal/single super phosphate and 300 gram murate of potash per pit.

Irrigation is done immediately after planting for proper establishment.

Land should be prepared in such a way that there is no water stagnation occurred in the field.

Irrigate the crop 2 or 3 times at the interval of 45-60 days during winter for fruit bearing. In hot summer month irrigate the crop at the interval of 2 weeks.

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