What type of climate suitable for green gram cultivation?
What type of climate suitable for green gram cultivation?

Green gram can be grown in the rabi/summer season on a variety of soils but the most important thing to keep in mind is the selection of fertile, well drained & healthy land as it will certainly help in better production.

The field should be ploughed immediately after the harvest of the previous crop.

        Loam to clay loam soils are best suited for green gram cultivation but the loam soil with good drainage is most suitable.

The best time for sowing of summer moong is the whole month of March and sowing of moong should be done at most before first fortnight of April.

After this, there is a fear of loss of crop yield because of delayed sowing, the crop will not be harvested before the arrival of monsoon & due to the high temperature at the flowering stage, there is reduction in the pod formation.

        The rainy season crop should be sown from the mid-July to the second fortnight of August.

Green gram requires dry climate during maturity & excess rainfall is harmful to the crop.

Areas where annual rainfall is up to 60-75 cm, suitable for green gram cultivation.

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