Why Rooftop farming is best solution for Urban Agriculture?
Why Rooftop farming is best solution for Urban Agriculture?

In the present scenario, a large part of our diet is vegetables with harmful chemicals. Due to this, instead of getting the requirement of nutrients, we are consuming such poison which causes serious diseases like cancer.

Vegetables are usually grown in villages near the city.

       On the other hand, the trend of home gardening is also increasing gradually in the cities.

Due to population growth in big cities, problems like lack of space in the houses built in the city, prices of vegetables touching the market, chemical products, and unbalanced food have become common.

The solution of all these problems is rooftop farming.

       This is a method in which vegetables can be grown without additional space. In this method, vegetables are grown on the roof, hence it is also known as "Terrace Gardening".

At present, plastic bags are also readily available for growing plants, which are known as grow bags.

This plastic is resistant to ultraviolet, due to which it does not deteriorate even in the sun.

Benefits of rooftop farming

  • Perspective of health, it is a very good hobby.
  • Vegetables can be produced by this method in homes easily even where there is no space available before or behind the house.
  • Fresh and chemical-free vegetables are easily available & it also saves time and money.
  • It can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • This will give you peace of greenery and peace of mind.

Things to keep in mind while rooftop farming

  • Use organic pesticides to control pests and diseases and adopt biological methods as far as possible.
  • Seeds and plants grown in pots should be healthy with good quality and always buy from a reliable source.
  • Use low weight items for planting.

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