Why weed control is necessary in paddy farming?
Why weed control is necessary in paddy farming?

In the cultivation of paddy, if weed is not controlled then the yield of paddy decreases. Weed control is very important for good yield.

Weed can be controlled in many ways. Weeding could be done by hands, tools and herbicides.

If there is less water in the paddy field then the problem of weeds is more. The emergence of weeds causes the problem of tillering in the paddy, which has a direct effect on the production of paddy.
At the time of tillering, weeding & hoeing certainly

As the critical period of the crop is of 45 days. During this time the field should be weed free because weeds use production sources like sun, nutrients and water in the same way as paddy for their growth & this causing loss of water & nutrients. Hence, the field should be weeded at regular interval.

Weedicide should be used in the early days otherwise if weed becomes grow continuously, it is very difficult to control weeds.

Weed control can also be done by using chemical method. Nowadays different types of weedicides are available in the market.

The effective weed control could increase yield by more than 50 %.

Weeds can be reduced by using good, clean and certified seeds. Carefully prepare the field, properly plough & leveled.

As weeds spread by seeds so it is important that all neighbors need to keep their field clean.

Do not let the weeds grow around the drains used for irrigation. Because once the seed is produced, if that seed comes to the field then even after controlling it, we cannot make the field seedless

Use appropriate crop rotation because by doing this, same kind of weeds does not grow in the field.

Use a suitable cover for head, eyes, nose, mouth and hands for itself protection.

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